As a Jewish person, I was taught “Never Again” and “Never Forget” when it came to the Shoah. These two phrases have quickly turned into trending hashtags on social media. When I thought about these powerful words, I began asking myself…how? How am I going to never forget and how are we as a world going to ensure this will never happen again? How am I going to teach my children about our family history if the survivors in my family are no longer able to tell them?

I began researching how to remember the Shoah but was not satisfied with the results. All of the suggestions were good ones yet were within one’s inner self or within the privacy of one’s home. I wanted something that was out in the open, out where others can see it and be reminded to never forget the specificity of the Holocaust, and that the waves of Jew-hatred that made it possible must never be allowed to rise again. But again, the same question reverberated in my mind: HOW?

Yes, we should support the Holocaust museums around the world, and yes, we should talk to as many survivors as we can before time runs out. But how can we focus on reaching those who don’t think that the suffering of what they believe is just “Jewish memory” a priority? Or those who don’t even understand the need to never forget because they equate the Holocaust with other persecutions, ignoring the lessons of this monstrous event in human history for ALL people to learn from?

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